The kindness of strangers by Katie Wilkinson

This week’s blog takes a new direction, for one week only. Katie Wilkinson is one of our team at Liquid Ideas and a couple of weeks back she told us about her dad and what he was going through and how a bone marrow donor had been found in Germany for a lifesaving transplant. Katie’s old man Peter is a top bloke, a former legendary producer at 60 Minutes and owner of the Wilkinson Group, a top shelf PR business who we have worked with over the years – Pete has now sold his business to his staff to fight this disease.  It’s a bit sad that now mates recommend their daughters for jobs with me, but I guess I have to get used to that – and I’m bloody glad Pete recommended Katie. His daughter is doing him really proud as she starts out in the world of PR. As a father of a daughter I know how proud he is of her.

This is Katie’s story, a small tribute to the anonymous young German who just might have saved her dad’s life.

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Give now. Be selfish.


It’s a funny but very beautiful word. By definition, it means something along the lines of love for humanity. In essence, it’s as much about what giving does for the beneficiary as well as the benefactor.

Australia is a rich and pretty generous country. Many will say we don’t give enough international aid, some will say we don’t help our own sick, indigenous or struggling families, some will say we do as much as we can. But I reckon we can do more and I reckon the best way to do more is to focus not so much on what philanthropy does for the beneficiaries – to me that seems pretty self-evident – but what it can do for the benefactors. By benefactor I don’t mean a rich banker who donates $5 million to a university or art gallery, I mean you and me – average people who have the chance, the opportunity to love humanity a little more and feel uplifted by taking a little time, maybe spending a little money to help our fellow humans.

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The hate list

So I thought this week’s blog should be something a little different. I don’t think the blogosphere needs another analysis of Ashton Agar (legend), a character assassination of Stuart Broad (terrible prick), a guess at the royal baby’s name (Elizabeth) or analysis on the likely election date (September 14). That’s for all the other clowns to gibber on about. I also thought I might talk about the experience of crashing my wife’s car on the weekend (humiliating), the excellent service from O’Brien glass (efficient and excellent) and the lovely lady Mandy at AAMI (as radiant as a sunrise) because too often these forums are about bagging crappy service and not enough people thank companies for their good work. So thanks AAMI and O’Brien – and sorry Sally about the car.

Nope, not going to do any of this. This week’s blog, ladies and gentlemen features for the first time EVER in the public domain, the legendary and closely guarded HATE LIST.

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