RIP Gusman – I wish I knew you better

I didn’t know Gus Larkin real well. Met him a few times, seemed like a good kid – son of a mate, funny bastard, quirky sense of humour, loved the Simpsons. Nothing unusual about any of that. I got to know Gus a whole lot better today at his funeral. Gus Larkin passed away last week aged 15, courtesy of a horrible brain tumor, as if there is any other kind.

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The kindness of strangers by Katie Wilkinson

This week’s blog takes a new direction, for one week only. Katie Wilkinson is one of our team at Liquid Ideas and a couple of weeks back she told us about her dad and what he was going through and how a bone marrow donor had been found in Germany for a lifesaving transplant. Katie’s old man Peter is a top bloke, a former legendary producer at 60 Minutes and owner of the Wilkinson Group, a top shelf PR business who we have worked with over the years – Pete has now sold his business to his staff to fight this disease.  It’s a bit sad that now mates recommend their daughters for jobs with me, but I guess I have to get used to that – and I’m bloody glad Pete recommended Katie. His daughter is doing him really proud as she starts out in the world of PR. As a father of a daughter I know how proud he is of her.

This is Katie’s story, a small tribute to the anonymous young German who just might have saved her dad’s life.

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Losers are winners part 2

Not many of you, I am guessing, are on the receiving end of Hamish Jones’ excellent media releases on behalf of Golf Australia, alerting us avid readers to the results of the Australian Ladies Senior Open or how the new handicap system is setting the golf club world on fire … Captivating stuff.

This morning Hamish excelled, and I don’t think he even realised it. In my mind he might have “buried the lead” but this is a top yarn for golfers and non-golfers alike. Read on.

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Losers are winners

Sometimes you come to a topic for a blog in an entirely unexpected way. This morning’s comes via a ski fall, the leadership debate and the new-look Wallabies. They are all linked, trust me.

Let’s start with the ski fall. I took my kids skiing for the first time at the weekend (sheesh that’s an expensive pastime, I swear I’ve never done anything where the money just literally keeps falling from your pockets). Anyway I was doing what all parents would while taking my daughter and a friend down one of their first real slopes. Teaching them a life lesson, without even knowing it.

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