A love letter to Adelaide and Wine

I love Australian wine. That ought to come as no surprise.

I have been kicking tyres around the fringe of the Australian wine industry for almost 20 years and I just bloody love it – the people, the countryside, the drinking and the friendships. But mainly it’s the drinking.

There was much drinking of Australian wine last week in Adelaide. There always is, I hear you cry, but last week there was a little more; it was “fierce” drinking, speed tasting if you like. There was a lot more swallowed than spat and for some of us it has taken pretty close to a week to recover. It was an event called Savour Australia 2013, that brought hundreds of people from around the world to Adelaide to learn more about Aussie wine. It was presented and organised by Wine Australia and Liquid Ideas helped run the show. It was brilliant.

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Blogged in translation . . .

I spent this weekend just past in Tokyo. My first visit there and it was awesome. Awesome if all you want to do is eat and shop. The shopping is remarkable but I have to be honest, it’s not really my thing. I love the social/people watching side of shopping, but I never actually end up BUYING anything much. This trip’s shopping by me resulted in an awesome, completely weird figurine for George (aged seven) called Skull Butt-Head from the strangest manga/anime shop you’ve ever seen, and a tracksuit top. Not even a fancy one, just one for running and walking.

I am strongly of the opinion that shopping blogs ought probably be done by those who know something about shopping and PURCHASE; which is why it’s lucky that I had two really interesting dinners that to my mind could make for interesting discourse. So here we go.

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