The week that is… some reflections on a crazy weekend

Yesterday the business I co-founded, Liquid Ideas, turned 15 years old. Saturday night I attended one of the best sporting events I’ve ever been to in Sydney. Sunday morning I woke to the news that a good mate and Glenn Wheeler had been badly hurt in a scooter accident. Queensland, which has always been a rogue-ish unpredictable place, has just back-flipped better than a 14 year old Bulgarian gymnast on the floor. And meanwhile in the rest of the world (well the USA at least) the obsession with today’s Superbowl just seemingly knows no bounds. Oh, and our Prime Minister is a bit of an idiot and unelectable in 18 months’ time, but let’s be honest, we knew that already.

Some weeks there’s not much on, some weeks are pretty action packed – this very much feels like the latter.

A moment of reflection on my business and I wonder what it was, what was the motivation to go out and start my own business 15 years ago? Some think it some kind of entrepreneurial calling, an ambitious plan to be a “game changer”, a certainty that you can revolutionise the way your industry operates. Well I’m here to tell you that ain’t the case in my case. I started my own business because I couldn’t think of anything else to do and I’d met a smart chick at business school who agreed to be in it with me. So necessity was the father of this particular invention. A mere matter of 15 years later and it seems like it was all so pre-ordained, that it was obviously part of the master plan… #rosecolouredglasses.

I think more people should start their own businesses, I know the stats aren’t great but that’s because too many of the wrong people start-up businesses in fields about which they know little. If you’re going to start your own business here’s my one piece of advice – know loads more than most people about what it is you intend to do. And show some perseverance. It won’t come quick. People who want quick bucks should go into banking and finance – for the rest of us, its graft. Keeping at it. And staying fresh, staying young and staying real.

It’s a real temptation to believe your own bullshit after a while, even if you’ve experienced just moderate success like I have. Don’t do it. Apart from the fact you will become a wanker you will also start to get passed by smarter, younger turks as you revel in your own awesomeness. Stay humble.

Whatever you do, don’t write a blog about your own amazing success – that’d be the perfect example of jumping the small business shark.

So onto other things – jeez the Socceroos match was exceptional. Epic as son George called it.

A wonderful night where the very best of Australia was on show. In the Stadium Australia crowd I sat between a young woman in a headscarf with a blow-up kangaroo  and a couple of elderly Eastern Europeans with broken English, yellow and green wigs and huge smiles. The trains worked, the spirit was beautiful. The Korean fans were fabulous, loud and decent. Gosh I loved it. On the way home on the train I thought what the Socceroos represent. I have always been a Wallabies guy – I am after all white, Anglo-Saxon, from the North Shore with a private school background. I realised that while the Wallabies might be MY team, the Socceroos are truly OUR team. Our national team, representing all of us and the best of us. Much more than the cricketers ever could be.  And mention must be made of THAT play by Tommy Juric when he got knocked down twice, was double teamed and still got in the cross . . one of my great moments executed by ANY Australian footballer EVER. And Massimo Luongo, who my son had not heard of on Saturday morning, is now the household favourite.

Glenn Wheeler – please get better. The world needs people like you. People of unbridled enthusiasm, people who see the positive in everything, people who light up a room and are happy to wear terrible shoes and worse jackets. Come on mate, you’ll get through this, I know it.

And as for the PM, well if the National Press Club speech is the best he’s got… well that ain’t good enough for me. A call for consensus politics from this PM is akin to a call for sledging calm from D Warner. Not going to happen Mr Prime Minister, not on your watch anyway.

And the Superbowl? Well, I love it. It is now officially on the top of my sporting bucket list. I’m just going to have to make a lot more money in this small business to get myself a couple of tickets…

Back to the grind I guess.

I’m the luckiest bloke in the world.

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