RIP Gusman – I wish I knew you better

I didn’t know Gus Larkin real well. Met him a few times, seemed like a good kid – son of a mate, funny bastard, quirky sense of humour, loved the Simpsons. Nothing unusual about any of that. I got to know Gus a whole lot better today at his funeral. Gus Larkin passed away last week aged 15, courtesy of a horrible brain tumor, as if there is any other kind.

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Why chicks rule the roost

I have to be honest with you, it’s not often I find inspiration for a blog from pages 14 and 15 of the Australian Financial Review, but there you have it. On two consecutive pages, irrefutable proof of why chicks rule, why blokes have their heads up their own arses and why we should listen, look and learn a lot more from the women in ours and other’s lives. Look out blokes, this one is aimed fairly and squarely at you.

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In defence of the mercenaries

Why Sonny Bill and Buddy deserve our support.

Sonny “Bill” Williams and Lance “Buddy” Franklin both played in premiership teams this year and both will be elsewhere next year – Buddy at the mighty Sydney Swans and SBW at the even mightier (but not as popular in my house) All Blacks.

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Time to stand up. The day my son got bullied.

This is a tough one. It’s personal and I’m a bit fired up, so apologies in advance if this gets a little strident.

This morning, around 6.45 my seven year old son George was getting changed for his sports camp when he quietly told me he was being bullied at the school holiday sports camp. He sat on my knees and told me that a couple of boys had been teasing him and saying how they hated the Sydney Swans, his favourite team. They pushed him around and tripped his sister over while they were playing soccer. He wasn’t overly upset, it was me who felt more gutted; I guess it’s what every parent fears. You’re told about it but you really don’t know how to respond. I asked if the camp staff had been told. “Yep” he responded. “I’m not really that worried about it dad” he told me – but I still felt sick. “Who do they go for?” I asked him as if this was going to reveal all. Well it did, sort of. “Collingwood”. “Of course”.

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