A love letter to Adelaide and Wine

I love Australian wine. That ought to come as no surprise.

I have been kicking tyres around the fringe of the Australian wine industry for almost 20 years and I just bloody love it – the people, the countryside, the drinking and the friendships. But mainly it’s the drinking.

There was much drinking of Australian wine last week in Adelaide. There always is, I hear you cry, but last week there was a little more; it was “fierce” drinking, speed tasting if you like. There was a lot more swallowed than spat and for some of us it has taken pretty close to a week to recover. It was an event called Savour Australia 2013, that brought hundreds of people from around the world to Adelaide to learn more about Aussie wine. It was presented and organised by Wine Australia and Liquid Ideas helped run the show. It was brilliant.

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Yes, I’m OK. Thanks for asking.

Thursday this week is R U OK?Day and it is a challenging week for a few reasons. But it’s a good challenge. One that should make you feel happy. Read on.

Gav Larkin, who founded R U OK?Day was a good mate of mine, a golf buddy, a drinking partner, bullshit artist, self-appointed legend. A lot of people know that Gav was diagnosed with cancer three years back and died two years ago, just a couple of weeks after R U OK?Day 2011. At pretty much the same time his 10-year-old son Gus was diagnosed with a brain tumour and today still fights on. He really is an incredible kid. Maz, Gav’s wife and Gus’ mum, has gone through so much these past two years it’s almost impossible to calculate. She’s strong. She’s awesome.

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A night at the Opera – Good Food Guide style

Last night was the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide Awards ceremony at The Star. It was fun. A little bit controversial – a classic night of cheers, beers and tears – and that combo is always a ripper. I was there, disguised as an organic steak tartare with a shaved beetroot leaf on top. Here is my scoop . . .

I’ve been to a few Good Food Guide ceremonies but last night was one of the most interesting. There were disappointments, more whispers than usual – and a couple of casualties. Not since Bill Marchetti set his certificate on fire after losing a hat in Melbourne more than a decade ago have we seen such pyrotechnics. We also had the funniest MC in years, Tom Gleeson – massive hat tip to you. As an occasional MC of pretty moderate skill, I always tell people that the MC can make or break the evening and you made it boy.

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