Losers are winners part 2

Not many of you, I am guessing, are on the receiving end of Hamish Jones’ excellent media releases on behalf of Golf Australia, alerting us avid readers to the results of the Australian Ladies Senior Open or how the new handicap system is setting the golf club world on fire … Captivating stuff.

This morning Hamish excelled, and I don’t think he even realised it. In my mind he might have “buried the lead” but this is a top yarn for golfers and non-golfers alike. Read on.

This morning was a quiet Monday with not much on in the golfing world, but I gleefully settled into a note about the outcome of the US Amateur titles played this week in Massachusetts.

You may not know this (I would be disappointed if you did), but a 19 year old Aussie, Oliver Goss, was runner-up to a young Englishman named Matthew Fitzpatrick, who became the first Pom to win the US Amateur in more than a century.

Great yarn. No question. But then, about two thirds of the way through Hamish’s release, I read this:

“Goss, whose semi-final opponent Watt served as his caddie for the final, squared the match on No. 14 when Fitzpatrick missed the green to the right with his approach shot and was unable to convert a 6-foot par putt.”

Read it again. Not the bit about the six foot putt but the bit about this bloke Watt (Brady is his Christian name), who was beaten in the semi-final of the world’s most prestigious amateur golf tournament and then promptly picked up his vanquisher’s clubs and caddied for him for 33 holes the next day!

Goss must be a terrific golfer but what of Watt? Well he must be a hell of a bloke. So I emailed Hamish to give me the scoop. I am publishing Hamish’s reply verbatim as I don’t reckon I could have put it any better.

Hi Stu,

Gossy is 19 and Brady is 22. Yes they are mates – both from Perth and known each other for several years – hence Brady getting on the bag for the final. Both great guys – very good players, no trouble.

Gossy won the WA Open against the pros late last year and moved over to University of Tennessee at the start of 2013 to compete over there and has picked up a swag of awards from his first season as a Freshman.

He was paired with Adam Scott and Graeme McDowell in the first two rounds of last year’s Aussie Masters as well. Brady won a stack of amateur events earlier in the year and moved into the National Squad.

Cheers, Hamish.

I don’t know whether what Watt did is an Australian trait or just a “good bloke” trait – but I loved it.

What legends both, I thought. Two young Aussies having a real crack, brilliant at their chosen sport and the bloke who gets beaten one step from the final, picks himself up, brushes the sand from his pants and tries to help his mate beat the Pom. Doesn’t succeed, doesn’t matter (we’re getting used to that).

This summer, when the golfing carnival sweeps into Australia, please keep an eye out for Oliver Goss, but more especially, his mate and part-time caddy Brady Watt. He’s my new golfing hero.

In case you missed Part 1 of Losers are Winners: Read it HERE. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog to receive further posts.

2 thoughts on “Losers are winners part 2

  1. Back to Back Gold Stu!
    These are two real Australian golfing heroes worth admiring and nuturing! Looks like I’ve found my bedtime story for my young fella tonight!

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