The hate list

So I thought this week’s blog should be something a little different. I don’t think the blogosphere needs another analysis of Ashton Agar (legend), a character assassination of Stuart Broad (terrible prick), a guess at the royal baby’s name (Elizabeth) or analysis on the likely election date (September 14). That’s for all the other clowns to gibber on about. I also thought I might talk about the experience of crashing my wife’s car on the weekend (humiliating), the excellent service from O’Brien glass (efficient and excellent) and the lovely lady Mandy at AAMI (as radiant as a sunrise) because too often these forums are about bagging crappy service and not enough people thank companies for their good work. So thanks AAMI and O’Brien – and sorry Sally about the car.

Nope, not going to do any of this. This week’s blog, ladies and gentlemen features for the first time EVER in the public domain, the legendary and closely guarded HATE LIST.

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Do your homework

Do your homework.

What a bloody annoying phrase.

It is annoying from age seven to 17 and there’s a point in your life where you don’t think you will ever need hear it again . . .until you start saying it incessantly to your own kids. You realise you’ve become your father – but here’s a little kernel of advice for we grown-ups – while you’re saying it, you should be listening to it, because no matter how old you might be, no matter where you might be on life’s journey, you always have to do your homework.

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Blogged in translation . . .

I spent this weekend just past in Tokyo. My first visit there and it was awesome. Awesome if all you want to do is eat and shop. The shopping is remarkable but I have to be honest, it’s not really my thing. I love the social/people watching side of shopping, but I never actually end up BUYING anything much. This trip’s shopping by me resulted in an awesome, completely weird figurine for George (aged seven) called Skull Butt-Head from the strangest manga/anime shop you’ve ever seen, and a tracksuit top. Not even a fancy one, just one for running and walking.

I am strongly of the opinion that shopping blogs ought probably be done by those who know something about shopping and PURCHASE; which is why it’s lucky that I had two really interesting dinners that to my mind could make for interesting discourse. So here we go.

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