Why Origin matters:

Last night was Origin 1 and NSW won and that is bloody great. This morning I walked my dog listening to Triple J and both presenters were talking about Origin despite having no clue what actually went on during the match. My seven and nine year old kids sat with me through the first half and we called my mum and dad in Queensland three times and chanted NEW SOUTH WALES four times before hanging up. We thought it was hilarious. This morning I went to pick up some mail from the Post Office and four blokes were analysing the games of Pearce and Maloney – happy with Maloney, not so with Pearce. One asked “What happened to Cherry-Evans?” Good question I thought – except he’s a Queenslander.

I texted a client this morning who’s from Melbourne but works with Vic Bitter and he got to visit the rooms to have a beer with our mighty Blues after the match. He was pumped. And he’s a died in the wool AFL bloke.

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